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Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guide➻Where is the Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guidebook

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This article will tell you about the Plants vs. Zombies ol evolution guidebook and the knowledge points corresponding to where the Plants vs. Zombies ol evolution guidebook is. I hope It is helpful to everyone, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. Plants vs. Zombies OL illustrated book 2. Seeking the evolution chart of Plants vs. Zombies OL Ice Blue Princess from kitten mushroom to evolution into Ice Blue Princess 3. Plants vs. Zombies OL Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade Which of these three values is the evolution? Plants vs. Zombies ol illustrated book Peashooter: Pea shooters are your first line of defense, they shoot peas at incoming zombies. Damage: Normal Cost: 100, Recovery: Fast. Sunflower: Sunflowers are essential plants for your collection of extra sunlight. Cost: 50 Recovery: Fast. Most plants eventually evolve here (→ stands for evolution), and Kakashi→ Uchiha Itachi. Lotus Bazooka→Sunflower Chariot→Sunflower Chariot MAX. Plants vs. Zombies ol Dark Ghost King evolution route: Strawberry Little Red (level 5) + Blue Leaf Grass = Charm Little Red, Charm Little Red (level 20) + Dark Iron Spike = Flying Nepenthes, Flying Nepenthes (40 )+Purple Flame Ghost Ax=Dark Ghost King and what they give are all one-off. I give more comprehensive. Ten Fire Stones can be exchanged for one Fire Treasure Chest, ten Light Stones can be exchanged for one Light Treasure Chest, ten Thunder Stones can be exchanged for one Thunder Treasure Chest, and so on. Open it to get fire-flame ghost guard, light-rose warrior, thunder-super Wukong, dark-guided chariot, wind-garuda, water-xuanbing narcissus. The quality of plants will only increase and will not decrease, but as the quality continues to increase, the chances of increasing the quality are getting lower and lower. Not every time it will be successful. Seeking the evolution chart of Plants vs. Zombies OL Ice Blue Princess from kitten mushroom to Ice Blue Princess evolution chart 1. Kitten Mushroom—Armor Kitten—Frozen Mushroom—Lonely Narcissus—Ice Blue Princess—Ice Blue Princess+ 1——Princess Ice Blue + 2——. . 2. The evolution route of Plants vs. Zombies ol Ice Blue Princess is from the Lonely Narcissus evolution Plants vs. Zombies ol evolution guidebook. Ice Blue Princess is a Plants vs. Zombies OL evolution guide that evolved from Lonely Narcissus. The materials can only be obtained from dungeons, but the probability is very low. Don't raise it, or just keep it for a look. It must not be used as the main force. 3. For subsequent evolution, Xuanbing Narcissus can always follow the water system route, evolving into Xuanbing Narcissus +1, +2..., or evolving into the out-of-print plant Wanzhu Wang. 4. Invite 10 friends and let them input your invitation code on the invitation code interface (the friend's character reaches level 15, the invitation is considered successful) 15 surprise cards can be exchanged for surprise treasure chest C, and there is a chance to get surprise plants Treasure chest, after opening, there is a chance to get the Ice Blue Princess. 5. The dark blue flower bud is probably the most difficult to obtain among the evolution materials of the ol ice blue princess. Players need to use 4 dark blue stamens to synthesize a dark blue flower bud, and dark blue stamens are already difficult to obtain. If there are related dark night activities, it will be easy to manage. In Plants vs. Zombies OL, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade, which one is the evolution of? Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are comparable in strength. Jiraiya's psychic technique summons toads, Tsunade's psychic techniques summon slugs, Orochimaru's psychic techniques summon snakes, snakes are the natural enemies of toads, slugs are natural enemies of snakes, and toads are natural enemies of slugs, they The three hold each other in check. Almost, each has its own strengths. Jiraiya is a meat shield type, and the steel hand can be regarded as a very good plant in the light system. Orochi is relatively average, and I personally feel pretty good. Kyuubi has the highest attack among the 4 ninjas, so the fighting power is also strong. I like Nine Tails. The nine words "All fighters are in front of the array" are dedicated to upgrading the plants of the Shinobi series in order, that is, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Kyuubi. Upgrade the Shinobi in order from +1 to Use it when +9, and at the same time, every 4 previous words can be synthesized into 1 subsequent word. I think Zilai is also the most powerful! His strength has not yet been shown. . It's very simple, first of all, you can play "Yachita no Orochi" when you go to the Naruto event in the dark night hunting ground. Or buy "Hachita no Orochi" with gold rolls or gift rolls. Then practice a stab Gaara, to a certain level, you can evolve into Orochimaru with 190,000. In the future, you can use the scroll to evolve Orochimaru +1, and so on. That’s all for the introduction of the Plants vs. Zombies OL Evolution Guidebook. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about where the Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guidebook is and the Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guidebook, don’t forget to read it here. Look it up.

Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guide➻Where is the Plants vs. Zombies ol Evolution Guidebook


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