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Dandantang, how to strengthen Dandantang? , Bouncing Tang

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about dandantang, so the editor has sorted out 2 related answers to introduce dandantang, let us take a look together . How to strengthen the Tangtangtang? How to get the strengthening stone of Bounty Adventures? How to strengthen the Tangtangtang? Step/method 1 After entering the game, drop it with 555, 555+ lucky charms. Union blacksmith shop 7-9 When I was in 12, the blacksmith shop was level 9, first prepare a bunch of strong 4, three strong 4 + one strong 3 or 2 or 1 to smelt, the success rate is about 75%, regardless of success or failure , madly smelting until there are only 4 strong 4s left. Step/Method 2 Then use some synthetic stones to smelt, and start to strengthen after 2-5 failures. During this period, you must not close the blacksmith shop page. It is best to strengthen the time in the early morning. If you can't do it at that time, it will be around 17:00 or lunch time. To strengthen, first use 433, 443, 444 as a foreshadowing, or less. If you have 4 strong 4s, you can use 433, 444 or 443, 443, 544. After 2-3 times of bedding, start to strengthen with 555. During the 555 strengthening period, it is best not to celebrate whoever has successfully strengthened, and then use 555 to go up. When you go to 12, there are 3 sets of 555 and there is a 75% chance to go up. Pay attention to the order of strengthening, put God's grace first, yes. Then if there is a lucky charm of 15%, you can also put it. If you don’t have it, you can buy 25% from the blacksmith shop. Buying now will increase the success rate more. Step/Method 3 Put the strengthening stone at the end, put at least 2 strengthening stones, double-click to put it, and put the weapon at the end. If you fail to go to the second group, put all the charms and strengthening stones first, and then put down the weapon. To release means to click and then click on the position where it should be placed, and to double-click is to let him put it automatically. Note that the time interval between weapon 8.9 is best within 10 minutes, that is, 8.9 one piece, so that it will be easy to use later, and it is very unlikely to use 9 after many hours after using 8. How to get the strengthening stone of Bounty Adventures? Step/Method 1 Entering the game Step/Method 2 Obtaining the Strengthening Stone Method 1: Task Reward Complete the task, and you can easily get the strengthening stone. This is the most cost-effective way to obtain enhancement stones in DDT 2. 4399Dandongtang 2 has a variety of special events every month, complete the event tasks, and have the opportunity to get generous rewards of strengthening stones. In addition, completing main missions, VIP missions, daily missions, side missions, etc. will have a chance to get Boom 2 enhancement stones. Step/Method 3 Obtaining the Enhancement Stone Method 2: Swipe Dungeon 2 The most direct way to get the enhancement stone is to swipe the instance. In the enhancement system of DDT 2, the enhancement stones are no longer divided into levels, and one enhancement stone can increase the equipment's enhancement experience by 10 points. Depending on the enhancement level of the equipment, the number of enhancement stones required is also different. Brushing dungeons is the most direct way to obtain enhancement stones. There are multiple dungeons of different difficulty levels in Bombing Hall 2, including Magic Ant's Nest, Chicken Run, Bogu King City, etc. Step/Method 4 Obtaining Enhancement Stones Method 3: VIP Packages. Players who become Dandangtang 2 VIPs can receive corresponding VIP packages every day. VIP1-9 packages contain different numbers of enhancement stones. Receiving the VIP gift package is the easiest way to get the enhancement stones of Bombing Hall 2. Step/Method 5 Obtaining Strengthening Stones Method 4: Various activities are held in DDT2. In addition to missions, dungeons, VIP packages, auctions, etc., there are chances to obtain strengthening stones. Participating in some activities also has the opportunity to obtain DND2 enhancements. stone. For example, in the Bogu Heroes Battle held from time to time, players can use the points they get to redeem while inhaling Bogu. Step/method 6, as well as fantasy roulette, recharge activities held from time to time, etc. will have the opportunity to get strengthening stones. Tantan fans who want to get the strengthening stones of DDT 2 through the event should pay more attention to the new event announcement on the official website of 4399 DDT. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about dandantang. I hope that the 2-point answer about dandantang will be useful to everyone.

Dandantang, how to strengthen Dandantang? , Bouncing Tang


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